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Hanaco is a top quality manufacturer of rubber elastomer keypads. In a world "exploding" with high tech devices, Hanaco's products become more in-demand almost on a daily basis.

Global Advantage
Hanaco is a global company with manufacturing
facilities in the Far East, but also maintains a complete
facility in California which allows US based
companies to communicate in "real time"
with our engineers and home office.

Your Project Start to Finish
Hanaco provides services to help from the very
of your project clear through to
delivery anywhere in the world.

Worldwide Manufacturing Facilities
Can save you time both with
prototypes and regular production.

Introducing Hanaco Keypads
What makes Hanaco Keypads
the right choice for you.

Other Custom Parts
Hanaco manufactures other custom rubber
products for various applications, including:
automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications.

High Quality Molds and Toolings
We are quite insistent about the molds we's why.

Our Corporate Commitment to You, Our Customers
We are committed to providing the best...

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Contact Information:

Telephone - (909) 628-6355

Toll Free - (800) 625-5580

Fax - (909) 628-5657



Postal Address -

Hanaco Manufacturing Company
3965 Schaefer Avenue
Chino, CA 91710